21st - 22nd October 2020


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People Matters L&D Conference 2020

In the digital transformation journey, having a detailed talent development roadmap will be as critical as having a technology one. Articulating critical skills for recovery, building the base of future digital skills, reimagining training at a scale in a distant world, and bringing on an experimentative mindset is the base to Rev-Up Growth for individuals, Organizations and economies. This Conference will bring our community together to help us reflect and find collective answers to one big question: How do we Rev-Up Growth through capability, through change interventions and through culture in a time of uncertainty, chaos, and disruption? In that exchange, we will charge up clarity, shed light, and uncover a new roadmap to build the foundation of a capability-driven business strategy for growth.

Rev-Up Growth

Join us at People Matters L&D Annual Conference to hear top innovators in Capability Building, Leadership Development, Transformation, and Change & get the chance to learn some Power Skills too! This year’s agenda will wrap around five main pillars of business requirements. We have also intentionally added one component for personal development that will be open to all people leaders in the organization. Have a look on the conference theme here:


Rev-Up Culture

Rev-Up Culture

Robustness and resilience are crucial, but what does it mean to be actively Antifragile? Explore how to build an Antifragile structure, one that addresses culture & change at three levels: individuals, teams and organisations.

Rev-Up Leadership

Rev-Up Leadership

Rebooting for success starts with leadership. Identify, pinpoint and implement new frameworks in action and develop the mindsets required to guide teams and enable a more versatile recovery.

Rev-Up Digital Skills

Rev-Up Digital Skills

Unsettled times call for vigorous responses. To best serve the organisation of tomorrow, look to Digital Reskilling on steroids: active reskilling, upskilling and cross-skilling at scale, with ultra-functional learning strategies that put that new knowledge to work and with strong focus on adoption and learner engagement.

Rev-Up Capability

Rev-Up Capability

Develop capability building for a Distanced World. In our new context, people must play multiple, rapidly-shifting roles - often remotely from one another. More than ever, we’re witnessing an accelerated need to nurture lifelong learning mindsets and boost digital, analytical and technical skills. How do we tackle this conversion? And how do we manage tech-driven L&D interventions for scale? How do we tie up ROI directly especially in times of immense cost pressure?

Rev-Up Yourself!

Rev-Up Yourself!

Why not take this time to invest in yourself? Develop Power Skills for Leaders in the Virtual World, including Problem Definition & Prioritization, Engagement & Alignment, Virtual Facilitation, From Data to Storytelling, Designing Interventions, Virtual Collaboration Tools and Analytics & Train the Trainer. Rev Up in readiness, level up, get agile and stay that way.

What’s in store for you


CEO Power Panel

CEO Power Panel

A power-packed CEO conversation focusing on the critical element of Leading in Unprecedented Times, where the leaders will share different sets of transformational dimensions. Join this CEO panel to know why businesses need to focus on re-imagining our organizations for a faster recovery and ensure continuous learning?

Rev-Up Culture

How Might We - MURAL Rooms

Every problem is an opportunity. By framing your challenge as a “How Might We” question, you’ll set yourself up for an innovative solution. Join these curated groups as we look for answers...

Business Case Studies

Business Case Studies

Focused business case studies that are constructed around on How do we Rev-Up Growth through capability, through change interventions, and through culture in a time of uncertainty, chaos, and disruption? Join these curated sessions to hear the best-in-class practices of the organizations that are enabling structures in place to build a future-ready workforce.

Rev-Up Culture

PowerSkills Masterclasses

Focused masterclass on relevant topics of skilling, facilitation and many more. Join us to learn about new toolkits along with the other practical aspects of emerging themes in new normal.

Rev-Up Culture

10-minutes learning capsules

Powerpack tech-enabled focussed sessions in the form of caselets that will solve your L&D tech challenges. Join us to hear the transformational stories of Impact in a lightning speed session format.

Rev-Up Culture

Speaker Room

A focused discussion on the top five ideas or themes emerging for the group at that moment. Live in the here and now!.



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